Lovetaker is the first sticker in the world designed for single people. It is a new and fun way to meet your soulmate ! !

Lovetaker is very easy to use :

1 - Order a package corresponding to what you are looking for

2 - Fill your profile online.

3 - Receive your stickers and start to promote yourself (drop your stickers everywhere : street, restaurants, classroom, office ... Be creative !) . If someone is interested by your sticker, he/she just has to scan your QR code on your sticker or use your id and he/she can then have access to your profile and contact you.

Please send us your pictures to be published in our gallery.
It will help us grow the Lovetaker community !
Two easy ways to be contacted

1 - Scan the Qr code by using a Qr code reader, which is available on all smartphones. This will allow you to look at the profile of the chosen person.

2 - Copy the internet address mentionned on the sticker into your web browser. It will give you access to the profile of the chosen person.

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